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Ford Trucks of the 1950's

[1949 Mercury]

Okay, okay. I know this is my 50's page and this truck is a '49. But I don't think it is entirely out of place here, do you?

[1950 Ford F1]

The '50 Ford was very similar to the '49. You'll notice the slats in the grille. The '49 has four, and they are wider. The '50 has five, and they are more narrow.

[1950 Ford F1]

Here is a shiny '50.

[1951 Ford]

This is a pretty nice '51 in original condition. Notice how tall the rear-view mirror is. It is almost at roof level.

[1952 Ford F1]

This '52 has a lot of potential. Send me some more pictures of it.

[1953 Ford F100]

1953 brought a new body style that would continue until 1956. The '53 Ford is near the top of my favorites list. This is a fine specimen. I love those chrome-reversed rims!

[1953 Mercury]

The '53 Merc and the '53 Ford were basically the same. This '53 Merc has the "Deluxe" cab option that included the little "teeth" that are set in the grille. The package also included the "boomerang" emblems, and the interior had additional trim the standard package did not include.

[1954 Ford F100]

The '54 Ford had a unique grille that was much different than the '53, '55, and the '56. It looks like it has a mean snarl... much like a beaten pitbull. (Okay, not quite, but close.) I never used to like the '54, but I really do like that grille!

[1955 Ford F100]

The '55 had a similar grille to the '53, however it had a deep "V" in the middle.

[1956 Ford F100]

I dare you to find me a nicer looking '56 than this. I absolutely love this truck! The way it is angled for the picture is perfect. I even used this picture for my desktop.

[1956 Ford F100]

See above!!!

[1957 Ford F100]

The '57 brought a new body style. Gone was the "stepside" style and the truck took on the shape of the trucks of today.

[1958 Ford F100]

The '58 and '59 Fords had a wide, mean looking grille. I also like the way the cab seems to tilt forward. It makes the truck look fast!

[1958 Ford F100]

Brian Nyman from Maple Grove, MN sent in these pictures (this one as well as the two below) of these great looking '58's.

[1958 Ford F100]

[1958 Ford F100]

[1959 Ford F100]

This is one mean '59!