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Ford Trucks of the 1970's

[1970 Ford F250]

Here is a great, original 1970 Ford F250 Ranger XLT Camper Special.

[1970 Ford F100]

This is a nice '70 stepside. Lots of potential here!!!

[1972 Ford F100 4X4]

I really like the '72 Ford. They were very nice looking "modern era" trucks.

[1972 Ford F100]

Here is a nice baby blue '72

While vacationing in Jasper, Alberta, Canada in 1998, I came across this 1975 Ford and had to get a picture of it. When my wife got the film developed, she was mad! (That's her on the right... Hey she's still in the picture, right?)

This is my baby... A 1977 Ford F150 Ranger XLT "Trailer Special". It sports a 460, PS, PB, air, cruise, automatic and has 62,000 original miles.

That's me in 1995 with my baby. I often wonder why my ankles are turned inwards there?

[1977 Ford F150]

[1978 Ford F150]

This is a pretty nice '78.

Shane from Minnesota sent me these pictures of his '78 Ford F150. I like the "Jade Green" colour of this one! If you would like more information about Shane's truck, check out his website.

Here is a shot of the ass end...

[1978 Ford Bronco]

Okay, so a Bronco is not really a truck. But hey, in 1978 there was no such thing as a "Sport Utility Vehical"!!!

[1979 Ford F150-4X4]

Although I like the '77 Ford better, the '79 isn't too bad.

[1979 Ford F150 4X4]

This is one mean looking '79!!!

[1979 Ford F150]

Black and grey... these colors look fantastic on this '79.

Here is a great looking 79 F100 4x4.

Another '79 Ford F150.