1973 Ford Gran Torino

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[1973 Ford Gran Torino Sport]

This beautiful '73 Gran Torino Sport is owned by Brian Garkie, and you can check out his website Brian's Torino Page. It is excellent, with a lot of information and pictures of his car and his friends cars.

[1973 Ford Gran Torino Sport]

Showin' it off!

[1973 Ford Gran Torino]

This is really nice '73 fastback sent in from Darryl from St. Paul, Minnisota. Under the hood is a 351 Cleveland and a C6 transmission connected to a 3000 stall converter. I LOVE the shape of the '73 fastback!

[1973 Gran Torino]

This is a pretty hot '73!

[1973 Ford Gran Torino]

Phil Ronci from Dallas, Texas sent in this shot of his fantastic '73 fastback. It sports a 351 Cleaveland, 4V, along with a C6 transmission. Lookin' great!

Larry C. Penoza sent in this picture of his '73 Torino. This is not a "Gran" model, hense the unusual grill.

This awesome '73 Torino belongs to Chris Hart. Under the hood is a 351C, 4bbl. Pretty Sharp!

David Wade is the proud owner of this fantastic '73. I like the way the grill is painted black. It really sets off the Ford emblems.

This mean, black machine belongs to Gaetan Buteau from Quebec City, Quebec. As I said before, I love the '73 fastback!

Mike McPhillips owns this great '73 Sport fastback. It kind of reminds me of the Starsky & Hutch '76, with a much smaller stripe and different colour, of course!

This '73 fastback belongs to Kent Lazar. I love the body lines!

The colour of this '73 is absolutely fantastic! This is the colour I want!

Nice ass end!

Tony & Michelle Blaine from Cincinnati, Ohio own this '73 Sport. I can almost hear Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap in the background!




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